Help! Too Much Butter in Cookies: Exactly What to Do

So you’re wondering what to do with too much butter in cookies and if you can fix cookie dough with too much butter.

I’ve got some good news, and bad news.

But mostly good news!

Putting too much butter into your cookie dough on accident is common.

Maybe you read the recipe wrong, maybe you just absent-mindedly put in too much butter.


Whatever the reason for too much butter in your cookies is, there are 2 ways to troubleshoot these cookies.

This is a nice departure from lists of like, “9 easy ways to save your cookies” because here, you really only have 2 options.

And sometimes, less choice makes your baking life way easier, believe it or not!

So here’s what to do if you put too much butter in your cookies, brought to you by someone who has done this countless times because apparently I just love butter and don’t read recipes that well.



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1. Adjust & Add the Other Ingredients Proportionally

It’s basically impossible to remove the butter from your dough once you’ve creamed it up and mixed it in, and you wouldn’t be interested in this article if you had just put the butter in and it was really easy to take out.

So what do you do?

You add!

You can make a bigger batch of cookies with the right proportions if you go ahead and adjust the other ingredient amounts to match the proportion by which you increased the butter.

So let’s say you accidentally put double the amount of butter in.

Simply double all of the other ingredients and mix them in the dough.

Now you have the right proportions, and more cookies.


I told you it was good news.

Now, if you’ve added maybe 50% more butter than you needed, like the recipe asked for 1 cup and you added about 1 cup and a half, then you should increase the other ingredients by 50% as well.

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2. Bake as Is and Have Flatter Cookies

Let’s say that you’ve added too much butter to your cookies, and aren’t sure how much you put in or how to save the dough.

If you don’t want to guess on how much extra butter you put in or are just wondering if it’s worth baking them at all, then absolutely go for it.

Your cookies will definitely end up flatter than they would if they didn’t have too much butter, but it’s very possible that you haven’t added enough to ruin the cookies.

If you want to make sure that you do everything you can to have a good batch of cookies even with too much butter, then you can do extra things like chilling the dough beforehand, making sure you’re baking on cool cooking sheets (as opposed to warm) so that the butter doesn’t start melting/helping the cookies spread before it goes into the oven.

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