23+ Thanksgiving Cookie Recipes

From cinnamon and spice to turkey shaped everything, these Thanksgiving cookie recipes will make sure you have unique and comforting desserts on your Thanksgiving table.

Unique spins on the classic apple pie will give you a whole new way to appreciate this dish, and deliciously soft pumpkin cookies go great with some ice cream after dinner!

The great thing about serving up cookies, as well, is the ability to serve people individually and not have everyone digging their grubby hands in one massive bowl or dish.

They are also a fun way to give back to your neighbors by dropping some on their doorstep – though don’t be surprised if they ask you to make more!

Enjoy these Thanksgiving cookie ideas as you celebrate your family and friends from near or far away this festive season.


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Thanksgiving Cookies

These Thanksgiving cookies are wonderful options to serve with turkey, cranberry sauce, and everything pumpkin!

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