27+ Popsicle Instagram Captions & Quotes for the Perfect Post

Looking for the best popsicle Instagram captions to go along with your popsicle photos?

Searching for the best popsicle quotes and popsicle puns?

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These are the best popsicle captions around, including funny popsicle quotes to go along with your hilarious Instagram photos or greeting cards.

Use them on signs at a pool party, post them to go along with pictures of you making popsicles with this popsicle recipe and send them to your friends, and show off your love for the humble, but delicious popsicle!

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1. Keep cool and eat a popsicle.

2. Anything is popsicle when you’re the bomb!

3. Nothing is impopsicle.

4. Melting like a popsicle.


5. Popsicles are the new black.

6. Life is so much easier when you just chill out (and eat a popsicle.)

7. Popsicle days and summer nights.

8. When life gives you lemon, make a lemon popsicle.


9. Popsicle kisses and summer nights.

10. Just wanted to popsicle on over and say happy birthday!

11. Live. Love. Popsicles.

12. It’s a popsicle kind of day.


13. Dreaming of popsicles.

14. Take me to the popsicles.

15. Heading to the popsicle aisle, be back never.

16. Chill out, popsicle, you’ve got this.


17. Hanging with my pupsicle.

18. Anything is popsicle.

19. Talk popsicle to me.


20. I don’t drink anymore. I freeze it and call it a popsicle.

21. Looks like someone’s got a stick up their butt!

22. A bad day eating popsicles is better than a good day doing anything else.


23. Popsicles are my love language.

24. You’re making me melt like a popsicle.

25. Lick me, I’m a popsicle!


26. Baby, you’re a popsicle.

27. Follow me to the popsicles.


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