13+ Christmas Movie Cookies and Desserts

There’s nothing better around the holidays than snuggling up with some treats and watching Christmas movies.

These Christmas movie cookies and desserts will make sure that your movie night theming is totally on-point.

If you’re in it for the classics, the Rudolph and White Christmas desserts give you something sweet to eat while you’re enjoying movies that are forever enshrined in Christmas movie legend.

For Elf fans, you can eat his breakfast spaghetti in the form of a cupcake, while Frozen lovers will enjoy the Olaf milkshakes and Frozen Blizzard cookies.

Get the kids involved for some Grinch or Mickey Mouse cookie pops, or just stick with the hot chocolate recipes from your favorite movie if you don’t feel like baking.


With 9 guaranteed-delicious cookie recipes and plenty of secret baking hacks, this is your ad-free key to cookie success!

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1. Rudolph Reindeer Rice Krispie Treats

Photo from wellifshecandoit.com

One of the original Christmas classics, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer is such a quintessential part of holiday watching.

Make your viewing even more special with these Rudolph Rice Krispies – no baking required!

Must-Have Baking Tools (seriously)

2. Frozen Blizzard Cookies

Photo from dinedreamdiscover.com

Kids will love making these Frozen blizzard cookies to go along with your annual Anna and Elsa viewing (or more than annual, if you’re a Frozen-loving family)

The best part about these cookies is how creative you can get with them.

It’s a blizzard after all, no need to be perfect!

3. Mickey and Minnie Cake Balls

Photo from ottawamommyclub.ca

These Mickey and Minnie Christmas cake balls are absolutely adorable, and the perfect Disney treat if you’re watching a Disney classic like the Muppets Christmas Carol or one of the Disney Christmas cartoons.

4. Buddy the Elf Breakfast Spaghetti Cupcakes

Photo from crumbscorkscrews.com

Remember the spaghetti Buddy the Elf ate for breakfast?

Sure, it may sound disgusting, but what happens if you turn that into a cupcake and instead of actual spaghetti, you use icing?

The result is a delicious and super cute themed holiday treat.

5. Grinch Cookie Pops

Photo from everydaysavvy.com

Not only are these Grinch cookie pops no-bake, but they’re also really easy to make with kids and they turn out so bright and vibrant.

Whichever version of the Grinch you’re watching (I’m partial to the live action one!), these will go down a treat.

Don’t forget to check out the other Grinch cookie and dessert ideas too!

6. The Santa Clause Hot Cocoa

Photo from retrohousewifegoesgreen.com

Everyone loves Tim Allen’s portrayal of Santa in the Santa Clause, and one of the most memorable scenes is the one involving hot cocoa!

In this Santa Clause hot cocoa recipe, learn to make your own so you can sip away along with Bernard, the friendly elf!

7. Ugly Sweater Sugar Cookie

Photo from theforkedspoon.com

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a total staple in so many Christmas movies, it’s hard to pick just one.

Use this ugly Christmas sweater sugar cookie recipe to make your own, and decorate it to fit the movie you’re watching.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas Cookies

Photo from vegandollhouse.com

A little bit Christmas, a little bit Halloween, the Nightmare before Christmas is a cult classic, and these spooky Nightmare before Christmas cookies offer an edgy holiday treat for fans.

9. Melted Olaf Milkshake

Photo from saltycanary.com

Poor Olaf!

Always needing that Frozen cold to keep him going.

This adorable melted Olaf milkshake recipe is a fun way to enjoy some ice cream while watching Frozen, but don’t worry – he’ll be totally fine!

10. Polar Express Hot Chocolate Recipe

Photo from movienightsathome.com

Another Christmas classic that is known for its stunning animation, the Polar Express is a great film to watch for the whole family.

Hot chocolate makes an appearance in some of its most beautiful scenes, and you can make your own Polar Express hot chocolate to warm up while you’re watching.

11. Gingerbread Men

Photo from keep-calm-and-eat-ice-cream.com

Gingerbread men are most often found in the classic Christmas movies, particularly in the Disney classics where you may see them dancing around.

People are often eating gingerbread in Christmas movies as well.

Learn how to make your own gingerbread men with this fantastic recipe.

12. White Christmas

Photo from keep-calm-and-eat-ice-cream.com

While it’s not necessarily named after the movie of the same name, this White Christmas treat is sort of like a rice krispie fudge, with white chocolate, raisins, and other festive ingredients.

13. Candy Cane Forest Sugar Cookie Trees from Elf

Photo from movienightsathome.com

Another Elf holiday treat, these candy cane forest sugar cookies (if you don’t know the reference, you definitely will while you watch it!) are so cute and easy to make.

Don’t forget to check out my other Elf cookies and dessert guide as well!

Want more Christmas dessert ideas? Check these out!

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