11+ Best Rainbow Cookies Recipes

Looking for the best rainbow cookie recipes?

Whether you want rainbow macarons or rainbow sugar cookies or even rainbow Oreos, this list is for you!

Making rainbow cookies is always a fun way to bring some color to your parties, celebrate Pride month, or to make for a rainy day.

We’ve got options for rainbow shaped cookies, like the royal icing ones, or regular cookies that just have rainbow sprinkles or rainbow coloring if you want the color shades and not the actual shape of a rainbow.

Enjoy these rainbow cookie recipes and let’s get baking!


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1. Royal Icing Rainbow Cookies

These rainbow cookies are made with royal icing and this cut-out sugar cookie recipe, making sure that you can make the perfect rainbow shaped cookies for any event.

They don’t take as much precision as normal royal icing cookies, but do dry hard so they’re really easy to transport and give as gifts!

Must-Have Baking Tools (seriously)

2. Rainbow Meringue Cookies

rainbow meringue cookies

These rainbow meringue cookies are light and crunchy.

With fun rainbow sprinkles and plenty of tips and tricks to help get them right.

3. Funfetti Cookie Dough Pie with Rainbow Frosting

rainbow Skillet Cookie Pie

Skillet cookie meets cookie cake in this rainbow-colored vanilla treat.

This easy cookie dough pie magnifies the chewy center and crunchy edges of your the sprinkle-filled favorites, and finishes with plenty of rainbow buttercream frosting.

4. Sprinkle Confetti Cookies

Rainbow Funfetti Cookies

Life is always a little better with a side of cookies.

Especially when those cookies are covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Seriously, though, who doesn’t love a good Sprinkle Confetti Cookie?

5. Rainbow Sugar Cookies

rainbow sugar cookies

These rainbow sprinkle cookies make even the cloudiest of days sunny!

They’re melt in your mouth delicious!

6. Vegan Rainbow Cookies

vegan rainbow cookies

These colorful vegan cookies are a total party!

Sweet and chewy with a little crunch – the perfect way to celebrate.

7. Rainbow Painted Sugar Cookies

rainbow painted sugar cookies

Part craft, and part cookie, this edible activity is fun for kids and adults!

8. Rainbow Mickey Oreo Cookies

rainbow mickey oreo cookies

Create your own RAINBOW everyday with these Rainbow Mickey Oreo Cookies!

This no-bake treat is sure to bring a little Disney magic your way!

9. Chewy Rainbow Confetti Cookies

rainbow confetti cookies

These soft and chewy confetti cookies are not only delicious but topped with a glaze and fun pop of rainbow sprinkles.

10. Tie Dye Macarons

marbled macarons

Learn how to make (and troubleshoot) French style tie dye macarons with the help of a step by step video tutorial for beginners.

These marbled macarons are perfect for a fun take on traditional French macarons.

11. Rainbow Frosted Cookie Bars

rainbow frosted cookie bars

Soft and chewy M&M Cookie bars topped with a sweet rainbow buttercream frosting.

These frosted Rainbow M&M Cookie Bars are dreamy and delicious!

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