35+ Quotes about Cotton Candy & Cotton Candy Captions

Whether you’re looking for cotton candy quotes to go along with a cute snap of you at the fair or are on the hunt for some cotton candy sayings or cotton candy puns to write in a card or use to help advertise your business, this list is for you!

This is the ultimate guide to cotton candy Instagram captions and quotes about cotton candy so you can keep your marketing and your Instagram….well, sweet!

Cotton candy is synonymous with childhood, with sickly sweet sugar rushes, with nights at the fairground spinning around on the whirligigs and falling in love or experiencing new things.

The typical cotton candy colors are pink and blue, though you can also get plain white cotton candy, and – did you know – cotton candy is called candy floss in the UK, which means that these are also candy floss quotes!

Bookmark this list to go along with all of your photos and let them finally say even more than 1,000 words.

Cotton Candy


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1. Live. Love. Cotton Candy.

2. Follow me to the cotton candy.

3. Cotton candy. Like eating a cloud of diabetes.

4. Feels like cotton candy. Sugar and air.

5. Sometimes you just need some cotton candy to make life okay.

Cotton Candy

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6. Dreams taste like cotton candy.

7. Pour some sugar on me and call me cotton candy.

8. A bad day eating cotton candy is a better day doing anything else.

9. Cotton candy is my therapy.

10. Keep calm and eat cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

11. Keep calm and love cotton candy.

12. I left my heart in my cotton candy.

13. I love you like I love cotton candy.

14. Cotton candy skies tonight.

15. Sweeter than cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

16. Fairground nights and cotton candy days.

17. They say you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cotton candy, and it’s basically the same thing.

18. I’ll cotton your candy.

19. There’s nothing like a little kid and some cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

20. Today, we live for cotton candy sunsets.

21. Hope, joy, and cotton candy.

22. Happiness is cotton candy.

23. Life is short. Eat cotton candy.

24. She drinks her bubbles with a side of cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

25. Fair is where you go to get cotton candy.

26. Think happy thoughts and live a cotton candy life.

27. He tastes like cotton candy and campfire.

28. Life is like cotton candy. Tasty, but disappears quickly.

29. Cotton candy is the most amazing caramelization ever known to man.

30. Pour some sugar on me and call me cotton candy.

Cotton Candy

31. I feel like cotton candy, fluffy and sweet.

32. I’ve never met a problem cotton candy can’t solve.

33. Love smells like cotton candy.

34. My heart is full of cotton candy.

35. Bring me some cotton candy and I’ll be your best friend forever.

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