27 Simply Amazing Jello Desserts

Who doesn’t love jello?!

This classic dessert staple has gone through a lot of changes over the years, but it still remains a fan favorite.

It’s easy to make, comes in a variety of flavors and colors, and brings you back to a simpler time!

If you’re looking for the best jello dessert recipes you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve scoured the internet and found the best variety of recipes that include jello, including strawberry jello pie, raspberry panna cotta, and even a jello trifle that is to die for!

Enjoy these 27 perfect jello dessert recipes that you need to try ASAP!


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1. Strawberry Jello Pie

jello pie

Cool and creamy strawberry Jello pie!

This super easy no bake pie is made with just 4 ingredients and takes just minutes to put together.

2. Raspberry Panna Cotta

raspberry panna cotta

This raspberry panna cotta recipe might just be one of the easiest no bake desserts you’ll ever make!

It’s smooth, creamy, full of tart raspberry flavor, and can be made days in advance.

3. Mixed Berry Jello Poke Cake

This Mixed Berry Jello Poke Cake is a wonderful option for your next get-together!

With an easy mixed berry compote and a delicious berry cake, it’s a simple recipe that looks elegant and amazing!

4. Strawberry Pretzel Salad

strawberry pretzel salad

Strawberry Pretzel Salad might just be the most delicious ‘salad’ you’ll ever eat!

A buttery pretzel crust is topped with a decadent cream cheese filling, then topped with an irresistible layer of strawberries in strawberry jello.

5. Pink Jello Pie

pink jello pie

A retro classic and my personal favorite dessert – pink jello pie!

This easy jello pie recipe is an adaptation from my grandmother’s recipe, made without Cool Whip.

6. Broken Glass Jello

broken glass jello

Our Broken Glass Jello or Stained Glass Jello is a vintage dessert dressed up for Christmas.

Grab the kids because they’ll love making this recipe with you!

7. Cranberry Jello Salad

cranberry jello salad

This Cranberry Jello Salad is a layered dessert made with raspberry Jello, whole cranberry sauce, homemade orange pudding, whipped cream, and topped with chopped pecans.

8. Jello Popsicles

jello popsicles

These homemade jello popsicles are a fun, easy, and budget-friendly twist on this classic dessert the kids will love and will take you back to your childhood.

9. Classic Cranberry Salad

cranberry salad

Classic Cranberry Salad is tart, sweet and chock-full of chopped pecans and mini marshmallows, you can level up your cranberry sauce this year by turning it into this simple, sweet cranberry salad!

10. Mexico Jello

Mexican jello

This Mexican jello is colorful, beautiful, and the perfect party dessert.

It is made with various flavors of jello that resembles a mosaic.

11. No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake

no bake lemon cheesecake

 This no-bake cheesecake just screams Spring and Summer.

It’s the perfect addition to your Easter or Mother’s Day menu or anytime you need a delicious no-bake dessert.

12. Chocolate Jello Pudding Pie

chocolate pudding pie

It’s a classic, and always a hit! Learn how easy it is to make Chocolate Jello Pudding Pie with a crunchy chocolate cookie crust and creamy whipped topping.

13. Orange Jello Salad

orange jello salad

Creamy, fluffy, and sweet, this Orange Jello Salad is the perfect dessert to brighten up your barbecue!

Serve it as a side dish or an after-dinner treat that everyone will love.

14. Jello Trifle

Jello trifle

This jello trifle recipe uses simple ingredients to create a flavorful and beautiful trifle dessert!

15. Layered Strawberry Jello Parfait

layered strawberry jello parfait

This jello, cool whip and marshmallow fluff layered parfait brings together jello, cream, cookies, fresh strawberries, and the unmistakable taste of marshmallows for a full-flavored dessert.

This no-bake dessert is surprisingly simple to prepare.

16. Red, White, and Blue Jello in a Jar

red white and blue jello in a jar

Layer Jello in a jar to create a cute dessert perfect for any occasion.

17. English Trifle

English trifle

Make these individual trifles for a delicious and easy dessert!

Use different colors of jello to change the theme of your event!

18. Jello Popcorn

jello popcorn balls

Jello Popcorn Balls make a fun and delicious treat with just 4 ingredients.

They are easy to make and taste great with flavored gelatin.

19. Patriotic Jello Poke Cake

patriotic jello poke cake

Jello poke cake is a moist, delicious cake that’s light, super simple to make, and tastes incredible.

Grab this recipe and make a festive red, white, and blue cake for your next summer gathering.

20. Red and Green Finger Jello

red and green finger jello

This festive red and green Christmas layered jello is the perfect Christmas finger jello for your next holiday gathering.

Kids and adults love eating jello fingers!

21. Jello Gummies

jello gummies

 These delicious gummies are made with only a few ingredients including Jello powder.

22. Raspberry Pretzel Jello Dessert

raspberry pretzel jello

Raspberry Pretzel Jello Dessert is a delicious 3-layer dish that features a pretzel crust, cream cheese layer, and raspberry Jello topping.

It’s perfect for both barbeques and holiday dinners!

23. Keto Sugar Free Jello

keto sugar free jello

This lemon jello recipe is made completely from scratch and is sugar free.

Perfect for a light dessert that makes your taste buds sing!

24. Strawberry Jello Cake with Strawberry Sauce

strawberry cake with strawberry sauce

This strawberry jello cake recipe is the ultimate summer dessert!

Packed full of sweet strawberries and cool cream with a fun red and white swirl inside this delicious cake!

25. RumChata Pudding Shots

Rumchata pudding shots

Chocolate Rumchata Pudding Shots are the perfect treat for the holidays.

This fun adults-only dessert doesn’t require any cooking!

26. Raspberry Jello Delight Bars

raspberry delight bars

A tart, jiggly raspberry layer sandwiched by a crisp graham cracker-walnut crust and light whipped topping make Raspberry Jello Delight Bars one cool dessert.

27. Dim Sum Style Firm Jello

dim sum

This quick and satisfying dim sum style jello is the perfect easy dessert after a delicious meal!

Modelled after the green jello cubes you get at Chinese restaurants/buffets, you won’t believe how easy it is to make yourself.

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