(Exactly) How to Store Cookies & Keep Them Fresh: 11 Genius Tips

You’ve spent hours prepping, chilling, baking, and making the absolute perfect batch of cookies.

Assuming they’re not all eaten in 10 seconds (very possible), what next?

How do you store cookies to keep them fresh for longer?

In this full guide, we’re going to go over all of your options for storing cookies, including how to store cookies at room temperature, how to store cookies in the fridge, and how to store cookies in the freezer.

From what types of containers to use to what to put in your container to keep your cookies fresh (trust me, it’s magic), we’ve got it all!

Learn how to store cookies so that they stay fresh, soft, moist, and ready to eat even up to a week later.

For more advice on figuring out how long your cookies will last, check out this guide on how long cookies last (sadly not forever, even if you do store them properly).

We’ve also got the full guide to baking perfect cookies here for those of you perfectionists.

Ready to store your cookies away from the elements, unwanted dryness, and any critter crawlers?

Let’s start!

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How to Store Cookies at Room Temperature

Most people prefer to store their cookies at room temperature.

This is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to eat their cookies up to about a week later, and works for (almost) all types of cookies.

The only cookies that you can’t store at room temperature are addressed in the next section on refrigerating cookies.


Must-Have Baking Tools (seriously)

Use an airtight plastic container

Always make sure you’re using some sort of airtight container to store your cookies in, as letting the air get to them will result in dry cookies!

Many bakers recommend using airtight plastic container or Tupperware containers, which is an excellent, easy way to store cookies on the kitchen counter.

You can get ones that are specifically airtight and airlocking if you want to really go the extra mile.

Within the container, you can either separate the cookies in layers on wax paper, or you can simply stack them all together if you prefer.


Use Ziploc bags

If you’re hoping to transport your cookies or want the flexibility of a bag rather than the rigid structure of a container, Ziploc bags are fantastic options for keeping your cookies in.

You’ll want to make sure you’re using the Ziploc brand or other sturdy ones, as knock off versions can usually easily come apart or don’t hold the air seal as well.

Many people use Ziploc bags to store cookies in when they package them up to send, and the only downside to using bags instead of containers is that you do lose that structure, which means it’s easier for someone to accidentally put something down on the cookies or drop the bag on the floor and end up with a mess of broken cookies.

Use a metal tin with greaseproof paper

If you want to go old school, like you’d find at Grandma’s house, you can use a metal cookie tin.

These aren’t going to quite be as airtight as some plastic locking containers, but they’ll do the job just fine if you’re planning on eating the cookies within a few days.

Separate the cookies within the tin on greaseproof paper, or if they’re small thumbprint cookies, you can make layers of cookies using cupcake holders and putting in one or two cookies per cupcake holder.

cookies in metal tin

Include a slice of bread with the cookies

Believe it or not, one of the top tips for storing your cookies to keep them fresh is including a slice of white bread (or even a bun or tortilla wrap will do if that’s all you have).

The cookies will soak up some of the moisture in the bread and it will help keep them deliciously soft and amazing.

This can also be used to soften up cookies that have already hardened, but it’s best and most effective if you store them in an airtight container with a slice of bread from the very beginning.

Store in a chilly place like the garage

Some bakers swear by storing their cookies in cooler places like the garage (if your garage is cooler than your house), in order to help keep the cookies fresh.

Or, if you live in a cold climate and are doing some holiday baking, storing the cookies in airtight containers on your porch to act like a freezer!

You’ll want to make sure that your containers are absolutely locked and tight so the cookies aren’t exposed to any wandering creatures, but it is an option!

Heat seal the cookies

If you want to sell the cookies, ship them, or just want to keep them for a lot longer than 5-7 days, you can get a heat sealer like this one to heat seal the cookies in a hard plastic, which will make sure that they stay fresh for quite a long time.

This is really popular with royal icing cookies, though not as much for home bakers making “regular” cookies.

How to Store Cookies in the Refrigerator

Most cookies should not be refrigerated, as putting them in the fridge will just lead to condensation and make your cookies soggy, but there is an exception.

Cookies that have been frosted with an icing that contains cream cheese or eggs (like French buttercream), need to be refrigerated similar to the base ingredients (you wouldn’t leave cream cheese on the counter, would you?)

To store these types of cookies in the fridge, check out these tips.

Use an airtight container

When storing cookies in the fridge, store them in an airtight container so that they don’t dry out.

This can be the same type of airtight container you would use to store cookies at room temperature.

Use two/three-tier cooling racks in the fridge

Chances are that the cookies you’re refrigerating will be frosted, which is why they’re in the fridge, so how do you store them without running the frosting?

Get yourself a two or three-tier cooling rack like this one, and use it to store the cookies in the fridge!

This is best if you’re only leaving them in there overnight, as you don’t want them to dry out and you don’t want to take up your whole fridge with a cooling rack, but it’s a great hack for a day or so.

How to Store Cookies in the Freezer

Plenty of people love to freeze their cookies, and we have a whole guide on freezing cookies that you should check out.

Freezing is a great option as it means your cookies will last for 6-9 months and taste just as fresh when you pull them out as when you put them in.

Check out a couple tips for how to store cookies in the freezer below, and be sure to consult the full guide for more.


Wrap cookies in parchment paper, then wrap in foil

If you don’t want to deal with containers, you can wrap your cookies in parchment paper, and then wrap that entire roll in foil a few times.

Make sure the foil is all the way around your cookies, and wallah, freezer safe cookies!

Cookies on tray

Use a freeze-proof Ziploc bag

Ziploc makes freezer safe bags that are great for preventing freezer burn.

Simply pop the cooled cookies into the bag, tighten it up, label it with the date you froze them, and then store in the freezer for up to 9 months.

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