41+ Perfect Hot Chocolate Quotes + Captions

Whether you’re looking for quotes about hot chocolate to go along with your homemade hot chocolate party or you want some hot chocolate captions for Instagram to make all of your followers jealous, this list is for you!

We’ve got plenty of fun hot chocolate sayings, including funny hot chocolate quotes and hot chocolate puns.

A lot of people call it “hot cocoa” as well, so if you’re looking for hot cocoa quotes then you’re also in the right place.

So many people associate hot chocolate with the winter months, when you’re needing to warm up and snuggle inside or want a festive drink when you’re out ice skating on a lake or walking around the Christmas markets.

It’s an easy dessert to make, the more melted chocolate the better, and of course plenty of people make their hot chocolate photos even more Insta worthy by adding plenty of marshmallows.

If you are specifically hoping to get some hot chocolate Instagram caption ideas, some creative photo options include: taking a picture of the hot chocolate from above, surrounding the hot chocolate with festive decor like garland and lights, or getting a photo of someone drinking or holding the hot chocolate, but focusing on their hands rather than their face.

Enjoy this ultimate list of hot chocolate quotes and drink up!

Hot chocolate


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1. Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside.

2. We go together like hot chocolate and marshmallows.

3. It’s hot chocolate weather.

4. Today is a hot chocolate kind of day.

Hot chocolate

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5. Hot chocolate is my therapy.

6. Hot chocolate on a cold day makes everything warm.

7. Live. Love. Hot Chocolate.

8. Hot cocoa and mittens.

9. Keep calm and get your hot chocolate on.

Hot chocolate

10. I love days when my only problem is how many hot chocolates to have.

11. Happiness is hot chocolate.

12. I don’t trust people who don’t drink hot chocolate.

13. Keep calm and drink hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

14. There is no problem so big that hot chocolate can’t be the answer.

15. There is nothing better than a friend, unless it’s a friend with hot cocoa.

16. Cuddle with a cup of hot cocoa.

17. Never underestimate the power of hot chocolate.

18. It’s hot cocoa and fuzzy socks day.

Hot chocolate

19. Eat, drink hot chocolate, and be merry.

20. He stared at his hot chocolate like it held the secret to the universe.

21. Let’s get lost in a world full of books and hot chocolate.

22. Hot chocolate because adulting is hard.

23. Hiding under a blanket with some hot chocolate.

24. Heading to the hot chocolate, be back never.

Hot chocolate

25. Follow me to the hot chocolate.

26. Hot chocolate is the closest thing we can taste of heaven.

27. Why winter is the best: hot chocolate. The end.

28. Maybe hot chocolate wants to be called beautiful chocolate just one time.

29. Not all who wonder are lost. Some are looking for hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

30. Wishing you a season filled with hot chocolate.

31. All you need is love, but a little bit of hot chocolate doesn’t hurt either.

32. A cup of cheer is basically hot chocolate.

33. People disappoint, but hot chocolate is eternal.

34. My superpower is making hot chocolate disappear.

Hot chocolate

35. Wake me up before you cocoa!

36. Cocoa for cocoa!

37. Hot chocolate squad.

Hot chocolate

38. Hot chocolate is the chocolate bomb!

39. Snuggling with my hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

40. Did someone say hot chocolate? I’m on the way.

41. You had me at hot chocolate.

Hot chocolate

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