31 Delicious Dessert Dips You Have to Try

Instead of taking the time to bake a cake or learn how to make flan, why not whip up a delicious dessert dip?

We’ve gathered the best dessert dip recipes, including refreshing fruit dips, a delicious air fryer s’mores dip, and even a gluten-free cookie butter dip!

The best part about these dips is how easy they are to make, and one of the best dishes to bring to your next family gathering or potluck at work.

These are truly great for any occasion!

These recipes are also ideal if you’re baking in the kitchen with littles and want them to join in on the dessert fun!

Discover the 31 best dessert dips worth throwing a party for!


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1. Cream Cheese Pumpkin Dip with Chocolate Chips

This cream cheese pumpkin dip recipe is a huge hit with our family.

2. Pineapple Dip

pineapple dip

This amazing flavored Pineapple Dip requires just 4 simple ingredients and can be made so quick.

An easy dip that is great for dipping fruit, Nilla Wafers, and more!

3. Cannoli Dip

cannoli dip

This Cannoli Dip will have you feeling like you’re indulging at an authentic Italian bakery!

A thick and sweet dessert dip comes to life using just 5 ingredients that’s perfect for sharing or keeping all for yourself!

4. Funfetti Greek Yogurt Dip

Funfetti Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip

This Funfetti Greek Yogurt Fruit Dip is a super easy dip with delicious cake batter flavor!

A 5-ingredient dessert that you can feel great about sharing with your family and friends!

5. Cream Cheese Caramel Apple Dip

cream cheese apple dip

Cream Cheese Caramel Apple Dip is a fun, shareable dessert everyone will love.

It’s perfectly sweet, perfectly creamy, and perfectly simplistic for any occasion!

6. Cherry Cheesecake Dip

cherry cheesecake dip

This super easy Cherry Cheesecake Dip makes for a perfect appetizer.

Serve them with graham crackers, Nilla wafers, or even pretzels.

7. Air Fryer S’mores Dip

air fryer s'mores

You only need 3 simple ingredients and a few minutes to make this easy Air Fryer S’Mores Dip that will be loved by the whole family.

No campfire or fire pit is needed, so you can enjoy the delectable flavors of s’mores all year long!

8. Pumpkin Spice Hummus

pumpkin spice hummus

Pumpkin spice hummus is a sweet and creamy dip that is perfect for fall.

It’s made from garbanzo beans, pumpkin spice blend, tahini, brown sugar, and lemon juice. 

9. Cookie Dough Dip with Greek Yogurt

cookie dough dip

This Cookie Dough Dip made with Greek Yogurt is healthier than many, but still sweet and delicious.

Perfect for dipping apples, graham crackers and all your favorite things.

10. Chocolate Fondue

chocolate fondue

This chocolate fondue is a rich and creamy dark chocolate dip that takes just minutes to make.

Serve your fondue with an assortment of fruit and sweet treats as dippers, and you’ll have an easy dessert that everyone is sure to enjoy!

11. Nutella Fluffernutter Fruit Dip

nutella dip

This hazelnut Nutella and Fluff fruit dip is the easiest way to fancy up your delicious fresh fruit game.

This is as versatile as it is easy to toss together.

12. Hot Chocolate Dip

hot chocolate dip

This Hot Chocolate Dip is a deliciously creamy dessert dip that’s super easy to make using your favorite powdered hot cocoa mix!

Enjoy this treat by dipping cookies and fresh fruit into it!

13. Vegan Fruit Dip

vegan fruit dip

The fruit dip is the perfect option for a lighter dessert dip. It’s sweet, creamy, and is delicious when served with berries, melon, or your favorite fresh fruit!

14. Gluten-Free Cookie Butter Dip

cookie butter

Homemade cookie butter is so easy to make!

This Gluten-Free Cookie Butter recipe is vegan, allergy-free, and can be made with any cookies you have on hand!

15. Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

cream cheese fruit dip

Pineapple and toasted coconut make this simple fruit dip special.

16. Edible Brownie Batter

edible brownie batter

This Edible Brownie Batter is sure to be loved by all!

Easy to make and absolutely delicious, it’s perfect for dipping marshmallows, graham crackers, pretzels and more!

17. Red Velvet Dessert Dip

red velvet dip

This gorgeous Red Velvet Dessert Dip is super easy!

Pair with waffle cones, shortbread, or fruit for a perfect appetizer.

18. Watermelon Cheesecake Dip

watermelon cheesecake dip

This fun Watermelon Cheesecake Dip looks like a watermelon and tastes like cheesecake!

The perfect dessert for a summer party or birthday party, everyone will get a kick out of this adorable treat!

19. Vegan Date Caramel Sauce

vegan date dip

Get ready to indulge in this sweet and delicious 4-ingredients Vegan Date Caramel Sauce.

On top of it being a limited ingredient recipe, it’s also made of whole-food plant-based ingredients so you can skip out on all of the added sugars without compromising flavor!

20. Pina Colada Fruit Dip

pina colada dip

This Pina Colada Dip tastes amazing because it combines the sweetness of pineapple with the creaminess of coconut.

Optionally, you can add one shot of rum to mix.

21. Banana Cream Pie Dip

banana cream pie dip

This Banana Cream Pie Dip recipe only requires a few ingredients and it’s super easy and quick to make!

Enjoy the delicious flavor of banana cream pie in this smooth and creamy no-bake dip.

22. Christmas Cookie Dip

christmas cookie dessert dip

This white and Fluffy Christmas Cookie Dip is topped with sprinkles and served with your favorite cookies, fruit, or pretzels.

A sweet and simple snack that’s perfect for the holidays!

23. Booty Dip

This viral TikTok recipe is a must-try dessert.

It’s creamy, sweet and no-bake with only 5 ingredients, you can serve it with graham crackers or your favorite cookies!

24. M&M Brownie Batter Dip

m&m brownie batter dip

This M&M Brownie Batter Dip Recipe is a perfect sweet treat for your holiday parties or Christmas Eve!

25. Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip

gingerbread dip

This Gingerbread Cheesecake Dip is always a party favorite for the holidays.

Make it for your next holiday get together, and I guarantee you’ll be the most popular person in the room! 

26. Peppermint Cheesecake Dip

peppermint cheesecake dip

This Peppermint Cheesecake Dip recipe is a creamy, delicious, and quick and easy holiday dessert dip that comes together in just 5 minutes!

27. Chunky Chocolate Cheesecake Dip

chunky cheesecake dip

If you’re looking for a decadent, delicious party dip that’s sure to please everyone, look no further than this chunky chocolate cheesecake dip!

28. Snickers Caramel Apple Dip

Snickers caramel apple dip

A fluffy, light vanilla and caramel pudding dip loaded with Snickers candy pieces – perfect for apple dipping!

29. Sugar Free Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip

sugar free keto pumpkin cheesecake dip

Sugar Free Keto Pumpkin Cheesecake Dip, a simple and delicious dessert dip recipe that is perfect with cookies and fruit.

30. Strawberry Shortcake Dip

Strawberry shortcake dip

This dip comes together in minutes!

Swirl in your favorite strawberry jam, cut up some fruit and cake and start dipping!

31. Sugar Free Nut Butter Dip

sugar free nut butter

Sugar Free Nut Butter Dip, a yogurt based peanut butter dip that is perfect for desserts or snacks.

No added sugar!

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