Can You Bake Cookies on Aluminum Foil?

So you’re trying to make the perfect batch of cookies and want to know, “can you bake cookies on aluminum foil?” (or maybe you call it something else, in which case you might be asking ‘can you bake cookies on foil?’ or ‘can you bake cookies on tin foil?’).

After much research and baking cookies on foil myself as well as seeing what baking friends had to say, I finally have some answers and cookie baking tips for you.

Baking cookies on aluminum foil is technically possible, but it’s best not to as it will be much easier to burn the bottoms of your cookies.

But let’s dive into it a bit more so you can make the best decision about baking cookies on foil!


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Is it Dangerous to Bake Cookies on Foil?

To help us answer the question of where you can bake cookies on foil, let’s talk about whether anything bad will happen if you do.

The answer to that is no, unlike the advice on not using wax paper to bake cookies, baking cookies on foil isn’t dangerous.

It can be done.

The real question is, should it?

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Why You Shouldn’t Bake Cookies on Aluminum Foil

Foil is a heat conductor, and that means that it’s going to basically send a ton of heat to the bottom of your cookies (unlike parchment paper which is heat resistant).

This is going to mean that it’s really easy to end up with the bottoms of your cookies burned when you use foil, even if you keep everything else in your baking process the same.

Some people try to combat this by lowering the baking temperature of their oven if using foil, and others say to grease the foil as well.

Ultimately, though, foil isn’t meant for baking cookies on, necessarily, so you’re going to have less control and find it much easier to ruin your batch than if you use parchment paper or even just leave the foil off and grease the cookie sheet itself.

Opposing Viewpoints

There are some people who say that they bake cookies on foil and it works just fine.

If you’re a new baker though and not wanting to experiment with your bakes or take a chance, it’s best to not use foil as there’s no point in taking that risk.

If you’ve got time to spare or really want to test for yourself as an experienced baker, then by all means go ahead, and let us know your results!

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