21+ Super Easy Cake Mix Cookies

Have you ever heard of cake mix cookies?

These super easy cookie recipes use a box of cake mix, combined with usually just some eggs and oil to make delicious cookies that don’t make you go through all of the beating the butter and creaming the sugar and general cookie baking stress.

Cookies made with cake mix are perfect if you want something easy and quick to whip up, and there are so many variations you can make based on all of the different cake mixes sold.

Try red velvet cake mix cookies for Valentine’s day, or stick with a more classic vanilla cake mix cookies complete with funfetti sprinkles.

Chocolate cake mix cookies are super versatile, and if you have more specific tastes and are craving something unique, check out the carrot cake cake mix cookies below!

Cake mix cookies are a fun way to spend time baking with the kids (less mess than regular cookie recipes), and they don’t actually taste like cake – they are decidedly cookies, just a bit fluffier and a whole lot simpler.


With 9 guaranteed-delicious cookie recipes and plenty of secret baking hacks, this is your ad-free key to cookie success!

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1. Strawberry Kiss Cake Mix Cookies

Kiss cookies aren’t just for the holidays.

Make these strawberry kiss cookies with a cake mix!

Must-Have Baking Tools (seriously)

2. Funfetti Cake Mix Cookie Sandwiches

So easy and so colorful- check out this recipe for unicorn cookies.

3. Red Velvet Cake Mix Cookies

These red velvet cake mix cookies are super easy to make and are great for Valentine’s Day or for your favorite red velvet lover!

4. Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies

Simple Strawberry cake mix cookies are perfect when you need a quick pink dessert in a pinch.

5. Funfetti Cake Mix Cookies

These Funfetti cake mix cookies turn out perfect every time.

Add colorful M&Ms to make them even more bright and flavorful.

6. Chocolate Cake Mix Cookies (5 ways)

Five chocolate cookie recipes using one cake mix dough.

Start with chocolate fudge mix for the base seperate and combine the mix ins.

Perfect for the holidays!

7. Cake Mix Whoopie Pies

This festive whoopie pie recipe starts with a soft cake mix cookie and a sweet marshmallow center.

Easy to make and look adorable.

8. Cranberry Bliss Cake Mix Cookies

These mouthwateringly delicious Cranberry Bliss Cake Mix cookies combine lemon, orange and cranberries in every bite.

In just under 30 minutes you will have a batch of these addicting cookies to take to a cookie swap or to stuff in the freezer. 

9. Texas Sheet Cake Mix Cookies

The classic cake we all know and love in cookie form!

These Texas Sheet Cake Cookies are simple to make using a boxed cake mix, and topped with a homemade icing.

10. Gooey Butter Cake Mix Cookies

Gooey Butter Cake Cookies are sweet, buttery and super moist.

These cake cookies are perfect for the Christmas cookie season, require only 5 ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes!

Gooey Butter Cake Cookies are sweet, buttery and super moist.

These cake cookies are perfect for the Christmas cookie season, require only 5 ingredients and ready in under 30 minutes!

11. Vanilla Pumpkin Cake Mix Cookies

Keep the Fall treats simple this year by making a batch of Vanilla Pumpkin Cake Mix Cookies!

With just a few ingredients and 20 minutes, you’ll have soft, delicious cookies! 

12. Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies with White Chocolate Chips

Cake Mix Cookies are so easy to make.

These Strawberry Cake Mix Cookies are full of flavor.

We added in white chocolate chips but, you can add whichever mix-ins you prefer like sprinkles, M&M’s, dark chips, and more!

13. Strawberry Lemonade Cookies

These easy Strawberry Lemonade Cookies will remind you of summer.

They are made of swirls of sweet deliciousness topped with a drizzle of icing!

A simple cake mix cookie recipe everyone loves!

14. Lemon Cake Mix Cookies

Delectable whipped cream combines with a tart lemon cake mix to make one delicious crinkle cookie dessert.

These cookies are so easy, you’ll feel like you forgot something!

15. Green Cake Mix Cookies

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies are an easy way to serve up a sweet treat that is full of green color in every bite.

This St. Patrick’s Day Cookie recipe uses a boxed cake mix so it makes it crazy simple to make.

16. Gluten Free Cake Mix Cookies

Baking cookies doesn’t get easier than this super easy Cake Mix Funfetti Cookies recipe.

Four ingredients bake into chewy, moist happy-making cookies that make any day feel like a celebration! Gluten-free or regular cake mix can be used.

17. Carrot Cake Mix Cookies

Carrot cake mix cookies only require three simple ingredients to make easy cake batter cookies.

It’s a delicious treat any day of the week.

18. M&M Cake Mix Cookies

These gluten free M&Ms cookies made with a cake mix, but they’re still chewy and not cake-like at all.

Just 4 ingredients are all you need to make the easiest drop cookies of all.

19. Fourth of July Cake Mix Cookies

These patriotic cake mix cookies are a great way to show your spirit and whip up some easy cookies in just a few minutes.

Use M&Ms or patriotic sprinkles!

20. Reece’s Cake Mix Cookies

Need a great DIY gift idea? These ooey gooey chocolatey cookies are decadent and delicious gifts in a jar and are super simple to make.

21. Double Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Double chocolate peppermint cookies are rich and delicious.

They are made using a chocolate cake mix and are extremely easy to make and perfect for the holidays.

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