Welcome to Into The Cookie Jar!

I’m Kalyn, and I have always been the world’s biggest fan of cookies (can that be an official title?), but it wasn’t until later in life that I found the joy in making them.

Baking cookies as a kid was fun, but with the attention span of a gnat it was hard to remain interested for more than a few seconds.

In 2020, my mom unearthed a snickerdoodle cookie recipe I had always made with my babysitter as a child and I decided to give it a go (because nothing said let’s do some baking and eat all of our feelings like 2020).

From then, I was hooked. Not just on the eating of cookies, which is still very important to me, but on the fun you can have baking them.
Testing new recipes, figuring out that an egg yolk and egg are not the same thing (cringe) and learning to decorate with royal icing gave me something to keep me engaged in something new. 

Now, there are also other cookie recipes like Millionaire’s Shortbread on this site as I branch out, but don’t expect me to ever get into other baking escapades like sourdough because I have a staunch “my food feeds me, I don’t feed it” rule.

This is the site to explore if you want the rules of baking laid out to you step-by-step, not assuming anything about your skills because baking should be fun and there’s nothing more stressful than reading a recipe with no pictures and unclear instructions assuming you trained in culinary skills in France for 14 years. 

Hope you have a great time delving into the cookie jar with me and seeing what we can come up with!