37+ Quotes about Brownies & Brownie Captions

Whether you’re looking for delicious quotes about brownies or brownie captions that you can use on Instagram, these are some of the best brownie sayings that range from the funny to the serious to the downright sweet.

Brownies are a universally loved dessert in many homes, known for their chocolatey chewiness and that amazing flaky top.

Make homemade brownies, or just buy a brownie mix from the store and save yourself the hassle – they’ll taste great anyway.

These are great chocolate brownie quotes to use on the wall of a bakery, or to use as brownie Instagram captions, or simply to write in a card or have hanging up in your kitchen.

Bookmark these brownie quotes to use for later, as there are so many, you’ll never run out!



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1. When you’re downie, eat a brownie.

2. Live. Love. Brownies.

3. Living that warm brownie life.

4. Brownies are my life.

5. Warm brownie? yes, please.


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6. All you need is love, but also, brownies.

7. Anyone who tries to make brownies without butter should be arrested.

8. Brownies are love made visable.

9. Brownie points for me!


10. Brownies are my therapy.

11. A bad day eating brownies is better than a good day eating salad.

12. A brownie a day keeps the frownies away.

13. I don’t care what the question is, brownies are the answer.


14. Fact: Life is better with a daily dose of brownies.

15. Brownies are like spare batteries. One could never have too many in the house.

16. Enjoy life. Enjoy brownies.

17. Brownies is all you need.

18. Don’t let the brownies bite.


19. 3 Ways to be my friend: bake me brownies, bake me brownies, and bake me brownies.

20. Look at your loved one the way I look at brownies.

21. Drowning my sorrows in delicious chocolate brownies.

22. Heading to the brownie shop, be back never.


23. Follow me to the brownies.

24. I believe in brownies.

25. Brownies: a baker’s cure for everything.

26. Nothing says “eat me” like a brownie.

27. Blessed with brownies.


28. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love brownies.

29. Brownies are magical.

30. Brownies are the answer.

31. Whoever invented brownies is my new best friend.


32. I left my heart in the tray of brownies.

33. Be a rebel, eat the middle of the brownies first.

34. People who like brownie edges are my kind of people.

35. Test for being my friend: do you like brownies? If yes, you’re in.


36. Brownies baked with love.

37. Want to know how to keep brownies fresh? Just eat them all in one sitting.

38. I would give you advice on how long to let your brownies cool, but I’ve never made it that far.


39. Brownies are king of desserts.

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